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Watch Engraving

There are many reasons why people choose to have a watch or piece of jewellery engraved. Watch engraving can be used to mark a special occasion, personalise a gift and even provide proof of ownership. Here at Watch Repair Shop we offers a premium and exclusive Watch Engraving Service.

Engraving takes skill and specialist tools in order to achieve a flawless result. We have many years of experience engraving and can engrave in any font style of your choice. We are even able to engrave small images onto watches.

We use a traditional engraver’s tool known as a Burin to neatly remove small amounts of metal from the area to be engraved, the indentation is often so small that the surface still appears to be smooth when touched after you watch has been engraved.

Many years of training and experience have gone into us perfecting the art of watch engraving. If you leave your precious piece of Jewellery with us

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