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Watch Case & Bracelet Polishing

A watchmaker’s work is often left unappreciated as it is hidden inside the case. The fact that the watch is keeping time and functioning as it should are the only outside indicators of a well serviced watch. When studying to become a watchmaker we were often told the mantra that “you can’t see a good watchmaker’s work”; meaning that the work should be so clean and precise that there’s no evidence of any intervention.

The outside of the watch, specifically the case and bracelet, are different as they form the tactile part of the watch. Refurbishing the material so that it has the finish, shape and function as when new is something that the customer can immediately appreciate. It is also what I find to be one of the most satisfying parts of being a watchmaker.

Watch bracelet and case polishing can also be referred to as refurbishing, refinishing and valeting.

Please note that this is commercial polishing and so no more than an hour is taken on any watch. Better finishes, in particular a higher mirror finish, come from using additional grades of polishing compound to achieve a more graduated removal of scratches. But the overall time spent polishing offers diminishing returns and so it is generally not financially reasonable to go beyond what is demonstrated below.

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