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Ultrasonic Cleaning

While ultrasonic cleaning is highly effective for watches are also precision instruments as well as decorative accessories. Some watches that are advertised as being “waterproof” or “shockproof” may still suffer some damage due to the vibrations and solutions in an ultrasonic cleaner. With this in mind, many luxury watch manufacturers recommend that the watch be disassembled and the parts placed in the tub, rather than inserting the intact timepiece into the tub.

Many luxury watches, especially those that rely on springs and gears rather than vibrating quartz crystals to keep the time, consist of very small, delicate components that must work together in perfect synchronization to maintain their precision. The ultrasonic cleaner is highly effective at removing dust and other particles that can interfere with the precision workings of luxury watches. Not only does the cavitation effect take away the dirt and contaminants, it also accomplishes the task much more effectively and in a fraction of the time as doing the same work by hand.

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